Why is this QR menu app free?


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Sharing is caring, we at Chosio want accessible menus available for everyone. This was one of our first priorities when we started this project over a year ago.

And now we have a free version of our digital menu app live. Below we will answer some of the questions you might have.

Will the free version stay free?
Yes, we will always have a free version.

Does the free menu app have display ads?
No, we strive for the best menu experience, so no ads or distractions and minimal Chosio branding on your menu.

What does the free version offer?
The free menu app contains a simple and clear menu theme. It contains 1 language, 1 qr code, 1 menu, up to 8 main categories, up to 100 menu items or sub categories, food labels and allergy indicators. Support all accessibility features like fluid font size / day and night mode and high contrast mode.

Can I change the colors, logo and fonts?
Yes, this is possible, you can even set the day or night mode. At this time, we've added the most popular and readable Google fonts, if you miss a font, let us know.

Can I change my menu at any time?
Yes, we have a menu builder app that allows you to manage your menu in real time from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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