QR-Menu Offers & Deals

How to turn your digital menu into a sales tool.

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All customers love an offer they can't refuse, so bring the deal to the table with Chosio.

Do you have happy hour, a breakfast special? Or has the chef ordered too many steaks? Create an offer and let your customers know!

Boost your sales with Chosio QR-Menu app

  • Popup offer carousel

  • Dedicated offer button

  • Auto open on start (optional)

  • 1 click to activate an offer

How to create QR-menu Offers

Make An Offer

  • 1 Click on the Offer Switch

  • 2 Enter your offer (optional)

Auto Show the Offer Popup

  • On your dashboard click on the "design your menu" link on your venue card

  • Click on the switch "Show offers on start"

Rename The Offer popup Title

By default it it called "Offers", if you want to change it to "Specials" or "Deals" etc.:

  • On your dashboard click on the "Edit menu" link on your venue card

  • Click on "Settings" (just above your drag and drop menu builder)

  • Click on "Texts" and fil out your Offer title and translations.

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